The Art of Being Pleasantly Unpleasant

There are many things in daily life which are necessary pleasantries, which are in essence unpleasant and annoying, but mostly tolerable. Sometimes things cross the line. I’m an actor, and as such, all my non-thespian friends love to ask “how’s acting going?” in that tone, THAT tone, and if you’re an actor you recognize and hate that skeptical-disparaging-get-a-real-career-I-can’t-wait-till-you-make-it-so-then-I-could-be-friends-with-a-movie-star tone of voice.

How’s acting. Let’s get a few things clear.

1. You aren’t my friend. If we’re connected on Facebook, yet you proceed to ask me what the name of the show I’m on is…you suck.

2. You don’t think I will ever be successful. Oh, but you will! You’re going to make 80K a year, and have a boring life. You’ll also be thinking on your deathbed of how pathetic your life was, and how you should’ve been anything in life but what you were. You bitter critical old fuck. I’ll be sure to bring flowers to your grave.

3. You hope that when I become successful you will get lots of pussy because you can say you know me. Right? Wrong. At worst you’ll be handing me pussy on a silver platter. At best, they’re fucking you thinking of me inside them.

4. You ask questions such as “How’s acting going?”. I don’t ask you how’s doctoring going, how’s being an accountant or how’s zookeeping going. I ask how’r the wife, the kids, the job, the boring stuff. But then again, what should you ask? I don’t feel like acting’s a job after all, it’s my life. Maybe just stick with how are you? Especially since you don’t really give a shit.

You then proceed to be obnoxiously obtuse, and ask “You making money in acting?”

Now I’m not one of those people who are starving, can’t pay rent, and from the depths of their hipster apartment in Williamsburg swear to die of starvation before they give up their passion, and would rather not even make money off their art, because that would be a disgrace.

Not at all. If you’d like to pay me for my skill, awesome. But dear lord, won’t you people ever understand that I have a passion about something in life? Whether I’m making money off it now or not is really irrelevant. If I am, it’d be awesome, but it’s perfectly ok if I’m not!

“This time is a really important time for you guys because nobody knows who you are, and nobody should. This is not a time to promote yourself. It doesn’t matter. This is the time to get your stuff together. Promotion can be like that. You can have promotion in 30 seconds if your stuff is good. Good music is its own promotion.” – John Mayer on over-promotion through social media.

I’m starting out. It’s not all about the buck.

Maybe it’s an American thing to be overpolite. My Venezuelan friend told me random girls he passes on the street will literally jump him and give him a hug to say good morning. American bitches? Puh-lease. But that’s a whole different discussion.

Don’t be so polite, please.


2 responses to “The Art of Being Pleasantly Unpleasant

  1. I’m a writer, and I get some of the same stuff ( as married female, I’ve never worried about #3), but most of the time people I know avoid the subject. In fact, I think I’d get the same reaction if I announced I was the the president of the International Lindsay Lohan Fanclub and was striving to be just like her.

    I like this quote by Stephen King: Talent renders the whole idea of rehearsal meaningless, when you find something at which you are talented, you do it (whatever it is) until your fingers bleed. Even when no one is reading,or listening, or watching, every outing is a bravura performance because you the creator are happy. Perhaps even ecstatic.

    Of course, getting something published would be awesome too.

    Good luck with the acting (I’m not just being polite, I’m being polite and sincere)

  2. I understand where you’re coming from completely. After high school I went to school in L.A for acting and my traditional parents would always poke fun at it in front of everyone that would listen.

    Don’t give up. I mean, I did, but my dreams changed.

    Good luck!

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