Passion Kindled

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Hope. It begins as a small feeling. Perhaps set off by an act of kindness from a stranger, to a stranger or just a glance from someone that shows they peeked out of their own inhibited, closed world in which they go about their day all day every day to peek into yours. To wonder, to ask, to share or laugh.

The feeling begins increasing, being kept alive by forces unseen. At some point it overtakes your body, up to the very tips of your ears, causing you to become so overtaken by whatever it is that you simply cannot contain it. It must be written, be smiled, be felt.

It vibrated throughout the core, the essence of your very being. It is happiness perhaps, at times pure, unbridled motivation.

A sense of I can. I must. I am. That is hope. That is the future.

The work of a lifetime to never lose that capability. To be able to hope and to yearn for the better of humanity, of your dreams, of a peaceful time.

It connects you to your emotions, and is a wonderful place to be in on set or before meeting an agent or casting director.

Passion kindled knows no bounds. <